Move For Good

Auckland, New Zealand

Led by friends Bella Conyngham and Alicia Robb, Move for Good is a community that helps people get moving for a good cause in an empowered, fun and inclusive way. The brand uses fresh, natural, and grounded visuals and tone. The icon reflects strength, love, kindness, and community. The curves signifies unity, support, and movement. Bringing together these elements represents who they are as a brand, and the communities that they serve.

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Move for GoodMove for GoodMove for GoodMove for GoodMove for GoodMove for GoodMove for Good
Move for Good

Mia took the brief and executed it incredibly well and thoughtfully. She poured her love and passion into it and bought our brand to life! We feel she understood the essence of our brand personality so well and had such an incredible attention to detail. Mia was inquisitive and took the time to connect with us throughout the process, ensuring she had a clear understanding of our philosophy. This was evident in the unique product she curated for us. Not only does she produce beautiful, high-quality work, she is also enthusiastic and honest. Collaborating with Mia was truly awe-inspiring and we cannot praise her enough for her incredible work!

Bella Conyngham and Alicia Robb

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