Mia Malazo
oh, Hello there

I'm Mia,
A multi-disciplinary creative and a yogi.

I'm from the Philippines, now living in New Zealand and working with clients around the world. I have learned art and design through experiencing life first hand; from being a nurse, to braving the hospitality industry, to being a yoga studio manager and a yoga teacher.

With all the things I've experienced and in customer service, client relations, business management and yoga, I develop people-focused brands and purposeful web experiences for entrepreneurs, creatives and dreamers whose projects will change the world. This adventure is the greatest gift I have ever received in my life and it has shown me that my true calling is sharing my natural talent in art and helping out as much as I can.

I am always learning, growing and creating. My goal is to get better, personally and professionally. Everyday.

What I believe -

Through love, passion, creativity and purposeful design, we create a positive experience with every interaction and make the world vibrantly alive.

some things i'm inspired by -

A blank canvas
Home-cooked meals
Learning something new
People doing what they love
Genuine human connection
Sense of community
The gift of yoga and possibilities
The beauty of life

Mia Malazo

Core Values -


Everything comes from the heart.


Approaching challenges with fresh ideas.


Always staying true to my word.


Doing my best for the things I believe in.

Approach -


I am so excited for you! I am looking forward to get to know you and what you are about. I know how important your business and your project is to you and my goal is to empower and support you in this journey in the most easeful, collaborative and fun way.

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Mia Malazo

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